Zakariyya Jaame Masjid’s Madrasah Khaliliyah Rashidiya has been actively operating since the inception of the Old Building – purchased in 1967. Alhamdulillah, we are proud that our Madrasah has been one of the pioneering institutions in directing the Muslim ethos and providing Deeni academics for many years and is continuously doing so.

Many of our students have become Hafiz, Alim and professionals in countless faculties benefiting the wider society. We currently provide facilities for students from the age of 4+ with a range of practical activities to make learning as easy as possible from reception class to higher education and for those who endeavor to become the Hafiz of the Qur’an – Insha’Allah.

In education both theory and practical are important. Here at Zakariyya Jaame Masjid’s Madrasah – our students have the opportunity to be part of practical sessions where they make use of the following facilities:

Library/Conference Room

We provide students from the age of 4+ with a range of development facilities, with access to the library, our students benefit from a large volume of books. This room is also used in education and training with the use of media. We believe this makes learning fun and easy.

Whudhu Khana (Ablution Room)

Students are taken to the whudu area and shown how to perform whudhu ‘practically’ – in terms of the actions, the virtues, Dua’s and so forth.


We have the facility of a mortuary within the Masjid – students have the opportunity to visit and be educated practically about the mortuary and its purpose.

Extra Activities

Youth Club (5 to 11 years of age)

We believe children should be interactive in their daily life, we have therefore taken the initiative to introduce extra-curricula activities that will help build confidence in our children.

Every Wednesdays from the age of 5 to 11 can take part in sessions where a trained member of staff from BCOM (Bolton Council of Mosque) will conduct a class with practical activities. i.e cooking, reading, mental games and be taken on days trips.


For further information, contact the Head Teacher on +44 7504 825 165 or email


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