22 Dec

Interfaith Event -The Return of Jesus (Isa.A.s)

Dearest guests,
Zakariyya Jaam'e Masjid wholeheartedly welcomes you to the following event - The return of Jesus (peace be upon him).
This event will give an opportunity to those to wish to learn about one of the prominent messengers of God, what his mission and his message was to mankind and why he is relevant today 2000 years on, followed by a question and answer session.
We hope that after attending, that ours and your understanding, of the return of Jesus ( peace be upon him ) brings us together more as a community and we come closer to a common level, whose differences over the years to come can be a means to unite us, to bring us to a common understanding.
The itinerary  on the day will be as follows:
5pm Registration
Entire Tour of the Mosque
A short talk about "The Return of Jesus"
Question and answer session
Hot meal served after the event - Please inform us by email if you have special dietary  requirements.
We very much hope to see you all on the day.
kindest regards


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