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The Islamic Cultural Centre (ICC) incorporates Zakariyya Jaam'e Masjid and Madrassah Khaliliyyah Rashadiyya. Zakariyya Jaam'e Masjid is the central Mosque of Bolton. It marked the beginning of the ICC, which was pivotal in supporting and aiding communities in other areas of Bolton to build further mosques and areas of worship. As a result it still remains as the central Mosque in Bolton, playing an important role in uniting and serving all Muslims in the town. It holds a capacity of housing up to 3,000 worshippers and acts as a contact point for many groups, agencies and local authorities on various issues in the borough.

Built at a cost of up to £3 million pounds, the Mosque can be proud of the fact that the funds were raised entirely by the generous local Muslim community of Bolton. In addition to facilitating an environment for daily worship it provides Islamic education for the children and adults of the surrounding area and takes up social community responsibilities like holding birth, marriage and funeral arrangements.

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Sun Aug 14, 2022

1st Jumuah 1.40pm
2nd Jumuah 2.30pm
3rd Jumuah 3.45pm

Zakariyya Jaam'e Masjid, Bolton, UK
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Zakariyya Jaam'e Masjid

Our Services

Library Service

Zakariyya Jaam’e Masjid offer a library service for both brothers & sisters to benefit from.

Funeral Service

To assist you during the loss of your loved ones, we provide the requisite facilities and a caring team who strive to render this transition as smooth as possible.

Mosque Visit

We welcome schools, colleges, universities, organisations, professional bodies and individuals to the mosque where they can learn about our work and about Islam.

Marriage Service

Zakariyya Jaam’e Masjid provides a marriage registration service in accordance with Islamic Law.

Madrasah Service

Our Madrasah has been one of the pioneering institutions in directing the Muslim ethos and providing Deeni academics for many years and is continuously doing so.

Ask Imam

Whether you're keen to learn more about Islam and Muslims or someone with a query on your mind about Islam, we are here for you.