30 Nov

DEAF UNITED for Islam in UK

Bio Info of Yasser McAndrew Yasser McAndrew am the founder and director of Islaam in BSL and I am monitored under Ayed Al Motiri, Advocacy Foundation for the Deaf from Saudi Arabia. Islaam in BSL was established in London in 2014 but I myself have been teaching Deaf Muslims since 2004 at Muslim Deaf UK, Al Isharah, at various locations in England and Europe (France, Germany and Sweden) as well.  He was a member and lecturer at Muslim Deaf UK under the director Owais Murad for about 8 years and also worked as Teacher, Research and Development worker at Al-Isharah under director Sadaqat Ali for 2 years and he is a regular a guest speaker at the Rochdale Dawah Centre. Yasser McAndreww was teaching deaf Christians from 1991 to 2004 at my local church until I converted to Islaam in 2004, Alhamdulillaah.

Bio Info Owais Murad Owais Murad has been active in teaching Islam to the Deaf people since his school days. He established Muslim Deaf Group to offer classes, Eid gatherings and facilitating the participation of Deaf people in the mainstream Islamic conferences and camps. MDG was later registered as a charity Muslim Deaf UK. Khalid Ashraf has been Owais's assistant and co-teacher. Owais learned his Islam through his father, Ustadh Khurram Murad, at the Islamic Foundation, Markfield. Currently Owais is completing his Masters in Islamic Studies at Markfield Institute of HE where teachers such as Dr. Ataullah Siddiqui, Dr. Zahid Parvez, Sheikh Faizal Manjoo and Sh Dr. Shahrul Hussain have taught him. Owais has facilitated Islamic conferences at Islamic Cultural Centre, London, which was also attended by Qatar Deaf Centre and Riyadgh Deaf Club Chairman of Muslim Deaf UK Muslim Deaf UK Markfield Conference Centre Ratby Lane, Markfield, LE67 9SY email: info@muslimdeaf.org website: www.muslimdeaf.org mobile: 07412 650 755
Bio Info of Khalid Ashraf 

Khalid Ashraf has been appointed as the CEO for Muslim Deaf UK recently. Khalid, one of the founder members of Muslim Deaf UK, has dedicated his dawah work as volunteer for this organisation since 1994 and also plays an important role with the Deaf community across the United Kingdom. He also has many years actively involved in teaching alongside his colleague, Owais Murad. Moreover, Khalid has experience in the fields of architecture, structural engineering, access consultancy, interpreting/presenting on TV and outreach work with Deaf individuals.


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