Zakariyya Jaame Masjid is a registered charity organisation. Apart from the five times daily salaah, we provide pastoral care such as children’s Islamic education, Adult courses, regular educational visits for people of other faiths and Islamic events for the wider Muslim community of the United Kingdom.

The Charity runs solely on (Lillah) donations which are contributed by the regular musallees and general visitors.

We urge you to donate as much as possible. Any amount will assist the charity in enhancing the facilities – offering a better experience to your visit in spiritual and physical wellbeing.

General Donations

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Donation Total: £10.00

Zakariyya Jaam’e Masjid in partnership with BMRB (Bolton Muslim Relief Bank) are taking donations for Qurbani 2017.

This year we will be focusing on three following countries:

West Bengal and U.P (India).

Djibouti (East Africa)


Many People from the above countries in the chosen specific areas are so poor and deprived to the extent that some only get to eat meat once in a year which is at the time of Qurbani.

We have volunteers on the ground who once the qurbani has been performed the meat will be distributed to the needy people of those areas.

Please can you ensure that you leave us you contact details such as name, address, telephone number, email etc so that we can confirm your qurbani and send you photographic video/pictures for evidence.

For more information please contact Hafez Edris on 07779 809539  or Br Munawar on 01204 657777 or email us on

  • Each and every person will be issued a receipt for every Qurbani donated.
  • The deadline for donating your Qurbani is Saturday 2nd September 2017.
  • For further information see leaflet attached

simply make your donations via bank transfer on the following details

Barclays Bank 

Name of Account: Islamic cultural Centre 

Sort Code : 20-10-71

Account number: 53196216

Then email your details to







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